Teeth Brushing Timer






Teeth brushing timer is an irreplaceable friend in matters of hygiene

Do you know how to brush your teeth correctly and how much time is needed for this hygienic procedure? Where in case of its excess you can harm your teeth? And if there is not enough time allotted for the procedure, you do not perform a thorough cleaning? 

To do this, we suggest you use an online assistant such as ateeth brushing timer in which a timer for 2 minutes is already pre-programmed. According to dentists’ recommendations, this time is considered the optimal time interval necessary for high-quality and regular brushing. All you need to do is go to our free website, press the START button and begin the countdown after which you will be notified by a sound signal.

Why exactly ateeth brushing timer?

If your child refuses to brush his teeth for so long and as efficiently as it should, this online application can significantly improve the situation. With the help of ateeth brushing timer you can make brushing your teeth and teeth of your kids a fun and useful process. 

The online timer functionality is so easy to use that even the smallest user can easily figure it out. It has an advantage because:

● Firstly, it has an excellent disciplining action, now your child will not even move until the last second has finished the countdown.

● Secondly, the process of setting the time by the child is already interesting in itself, as he can do it himself.

Thirdly, the two-minute set for brushing your teeth is now provided for one hundred percent. Let the children set their own time and START the struggle for clean teeth.

To sum up - 

Thanks to the teeth brushing timer, brushing your teeth will be more interesting. And most importantly, now the problem is not to withstand two minutes of brushing but to fit into them. Now you can help your children and yourself maintain individual hygiene using your smartphone or PC full-screen mode of the timekeeping website. And this will change your picture of brushing your teeth!