Stopwatch Online with the Full-Screen Mode

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Online Stopwatch with Alarm

A stopwatch is an exact tool that is irreplaceable in many different situations

Stopwatch Online is a stopwatch with a minimalistic design, where there is nothing superfluous. It boasts extensive functionality yet simple controls that are understandable for both adults and younger users. Feel free to track time with the help of our stopwatch any moment you want.

This page loads quickly even when your Internet connection is poor. All the settings are easy to figure out: you can change the screen size, and choose a notification sound you like. In order to start the countdown, press the START button. There is also a RESET button in case the countdown needs to be restarted. There is also a PAUSE button that can be used to track the elapsed time. The stopwatch with laps is highly convenient since there's no need to reset time% you can just track time intervals in a row by pressing the lap button.

The Stopwatch Can Be Used:

  • in sports, for accurate measurement of the time it takes an athlete to perform a certain exercise. For example, in sprinting, swimming (where a stopwatch is normally used to measure and calculate the intermediate time between stops, while the total time is still tracked down), hitting the gym, or working out at home, in order not to overtrain and be in control of your physical activity.

  • at home (while you're cooking so that you do not overcook or undercook your meal).

  • when you need to monitor your health, let's say, when measuring your heart rate.

  • in scientific, factory, and school laboratories (where there's high accuracy required and no error is allowed).

A stopwatch is accurate enough and can be used to set the duration of any process in industrial production. Use our stopwatch for better time-management, to control your time, and use it wisely (have you ever wondered how long does it take you to get back home from work?). And what's more, a stopwatch can be used as a tool to develop your skills and speed (logical problem solving, speed reading, or speed writing).

Do not hesitate to try out the online stopwatch timer, since it can come in handy for different purposes: in cases where every second counts, as well as if you need some accurate calculations to be done and the result to be saved.