Full-Screen Timer Online






A full-screen countdown timer - it’s never more convenient

To use our time more rationally, we often use modern gadgets, thereby greatly simplifying our lives. So, we would like to offer you an online timer for better time management. Thanks to this program, you don’t need to use the organizer on your phone. The only thing to be done is to simply visit our free website and use the online timer with full-screen mode. It will help you to allocate your time correctly.

How Is It Designed?

The interface is very user-friendly. No extra functions to take into consideration. Visiting our website, you will see a timer with three values: 

  • Hours;

  • Minutes;

  • Seconds. 

For more convenient use, the full-screen online timer is set to 5 minutes by default. However, you can choose any other time interval according to the situation. After pressing the START button, the full-screen timer will start its countdown. After the time is up, you will hear a pleasant alarm telling you that the countdown is over. You can also change the sound if needed. The simple settings of a full-screen countdown timer will please all users. Navigate the website for your pleasure.

Why Is a Full-Screen Timer Comfortable?

The full-screen mode is very convenient for board games. Just put the device with the timer on the table so that all the contestants can see it, and start playing with pleasure. If you are into sports, the full-screen mode can simplify your home training.

Are you stuck on Facebook and forgot about an important phone call? Or, let's say, forgot about the kettle? This is no longer a problem - the online timer with a full-screen mode was designed to remind you of such trifles.