Timer for Kids






Online timer for kids - a helpful assistant for the whole family

We are always down to help our children. Parents often try to assist their kids even if their sons and daughters are able to cope on their own. With our kids’ timer, you can teach your child how to self-organize, develop time-management skills, control their personal time, and use it efficiently.

What Is a Kids’ Timer?

First of all, it is a special application that is available online for free. Parents can just open the home page and after that, all the settings can be controlled by children. An online timer for kids is:

  • a free online app;

  • extremely understandable and easy to use;

  • makes it possible to increase or decrease the font, or open a full-screen version;

  • a time management tool where the default settings can be customized (for example, feel free to choose the notification sound you and your kids like the most).

What Are Its Main Advantages?

Children absolutely love interactive ways of entertainment. Show them this timer and explain its concept. Children will fall in love with it at first sight. The timer for kids will become an indispensable tool for children for:

  1. Doing homework.

  2. Doing morning exercises and sports.

  3. Playing games with friends and parents or pets.

  4. Organizing races and exciting quizzes against the clock.

  5. Doing their household chores.

  6. Solving logical brain-teasers and speed drills.

It is the perfect app for self-control drilling. Use the online timer for children and you will notice how, day after day, your kids are getting used to being independent, as well as being in control of their time. This is their way to punctuality and success!