Egg Timer Online






An egg timer online - cooking is simple and easy

Is cooking eggs constantly giving you hard times, as you don’t really know how much time is required to cook them hard-boiled or soft-boiled? Now and forever, an egg online timer will help you solve this problem. You can find the timekeeping tool created especially for egg boiling on our free website whenever it's necessary. 

This is an online application that does not require installation on your smartphone. Having tried an online timer once, you will not miss a single minute of your precious time anymore, being able to accurately track your time while cooking.

What Are the Features of the Egg Timer?

Here, you will deal with an interesting design of a simple and user-friendly interface. You can also select the alarm sound. To do this, just listen to the available options, and then choose the one that suits you. It's also possible to change the default settings easily, for instance:

  • increase the size of the timer;

  • change the notification sound of the start of the countdown; 

  • get notified about the countdown ending, and much more.

The application can be used in full-screen mode. It can be totally customized - you can always adapt the timer for yourself, your desires, and preferences.

An Egg Timer - How Does It Work?

For a better user experience, we have already pre-set the timer for 8 minutes right for cooking eggs. However, feel free to choose a different time value depending on the degree of readiness you need, for example:

  • 3 minutes (soft-boiled egg)

  • 5 minutes (medium-boiled egg)

  • 8 minutes (hard-boiled egg)

Determine the desired result, set the required time, and press the START button to begin the countdown. You will hear a pleasant sound at the end, meaning that the cooking process is finished. Thanks to such a helpful assistant, it will not be difficult for you to teach your children how to cook delicious dishes. Kids will easily understand the principle of the online time manager’s work. Just set the egg timer and enjoy your meal at the end of the process!