2 Minute Timer Online






Timer online for 2 minutes - an available assistant

Sometimes there is a need to keep certain periods of one's life under control when time simply needs to be tracked. For such important moments, a 2-minute online timer with a sound alarm is the exact tool you definitely need.

How Does It Work?

This is a timer with a simple yet customized design, and the most understandable setting section. You will not have any difficulty setting and using it to accomplish your goals. To simplify the use as quickly as possible, a 2-minute timer is pre-set. All you need to do is just visit our free website, select a 2-minute countdown, and press the START button. 

After that, the online timer will begin counting starting from the specified time interval. At the end of the countdown, you will hear a sound signal that you can also, if you wish, change to the one you like better from the extensive list of melodies. Use the settings menu for alarm selection.

Main Features of a 2-Minute Timer

Set the timer for 2 minutes and you will be able to:

  • control your time without using special programs and gadgets;

  • cope with everyday tasks, for example, cooking eggs;

  • teach your children how to monitor and plan their time.

Set a 2-minute countdown and do your thing with no annoying thoughts about boiling eggs or other food cooking. Wait until a pleasant signal notifies you. You can also set the time when using a mixer or other electrical appliances as well as set the time when it's necessary to change the temperature in the oven.

Use this convenient online timer when you spend time with children. Show them how easy time management can be when there are such helpful tools. The features of the online timer are so easy to figure out! Use a 2-minute timer when playing games with your kids, or doing morning exercises, etc. It is also very convenient when they're doing homework so that they can clearly see how much time it takes to complete the task.

Use the online timer, keep up with time, and do not miss a single minute!