1 Minute 30 Seconds Timer






1.5-minutes timer- do not waste a minute

If you want to allocate your time efficiently, not missing a single important minute, then an assistant like 1 minute 30 seconds online timer is right for you. It is a tool that is sure to facilitate your task. You can easily find it on this free website that is extremely easy and convenient to use.

What Is Online Timer - Main Functions

This is a 1.5-minute timer, that is designed so that you can use it wherever and whenever you need it, not losing a single second to set the required time interval. Just press START and the timer will begin the countdown. The CLEAR button is also available for time interval setting

If necessary, you can also change default settings to customized ones: choose a notification sound, try full-screen mode and screen rotation, increase the size of the numbers, etc.

We highly recommend this time management tool for a number of reasons. Timer 1 minute 30 seconds is required if you are:

  • a responsible entrepreneur;

  • a caring parent;

  • an excellent housewife;

  • a real sports lover;

  • a punctual person;

  • in need of some control over your time.

Set a 1 minute 30 seconds timer and solve your problems without thinking about time. This online timekeeping tool will do it for you without mistakes and as accurately as possible. Be confident in the effeciency of your time allocation!